Our Mission

To empower companies, businesses, individuals, gyms and personal trainers to reach their potential through high quality tracking and programs. Body scans can help improve muscle growth, fat loss, increase energy and work production, improve mental and physical health, as well as decrease stress and negative social interactions.

Work-life balance

Who We Are

Founded by Alan Cook who has studied for four years and completed an extensive Bachelor’s degree at Otago University in exercise science and physical education further to this also completed a diploma in teaching since then I have been teaching, learning, researching, coaching, training, designing and applying fitness programs, anatomy, physiology and nutrition for over 15 years now. With a numerous number of clients and learners over a long period of time. Further to this extensive knowledge in business development and growth. He's now our body scan expert!

InBody BIA Scanner

All of our work stems from high quality tracking of your bodies physical health using our electrical device which accurately measures your bodies composition. This is extensively supported by quality programmes delivered and/or provided by experienced teachers/lecturers/trainers.

The InBody scanner we use is a BIA device, (or Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis). These work by passing low intensity, safe electrical currents through the body, measuring bioelectric impedance as they go. you will get a fully non-invasive, accurate, and comprehensive break down of your body composition including:

Total weight and fat mass

Body fat percentage

Visceral fat around organs

Lean body and skeletal muscle mass

Total body water

Segmented body balance

Why are body composition scans important?

August 28, 2020
Our accurate scanner helps you plan and track your health and fitness goals. Progress can’t be tracked by scales/weight alone. With Body Scans unlimited, reaching your health & wellness goals, is so much easier. it's not about that special number on the scales as it’s actually not that special a...
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