Individual Body Scan

For just $45 you will receive your individual Body Scan and a comprehensive analysis of your results. Paid separately

Follow-up Scan

If you've had a scan with us before, a follow-up scan is $35. Paid seperately

Book Multiple Scans and Save!

Book 2 scans for $65 or 3 scans for $95. Paid all at once

Group bookings

We offer special discounted rates for groups and for members of our affiliated gyms. Please get in touch with us directly to discuss discounts.


Scan Preparation and What To Expect

No exercise, showers or large meals within three hours of the scan, To start with socks, shoes and any accessories need to be removed, quick wipe down of your palms and soles of your feet and the analysis itself only takes approximately 50 seconds. You then receive your own personal A4 printout, followed immediately with an interpretation of your individual results with a Body Scans Unlimited representative.

In terms of programmes, we offer a range of seminars, sessions or weekly emails covering energy, stress management, mental health and growth, nutrition (suggested meals etc), weekly/daily exercise plans, suggestions for improvement in the workplace environment and social responsibility development.

Please note that body scans are not recommended for individuals under 13 years, pregnant, or with a pacemaker.