Non-invasive Analysis

By standing on the devices and holding the hand electrodes, you can easily take the test without any difficulty. With-in 50 seconds, it provides multiple parameters related to your body composition such as muscle, fat, minerals, and body water.

The award winning design of the InBody scanner is made for a human body and takes direct impedance measurements from five body segments (your four limbs and your trunk).

Your InBody scan data will be completely unique to you and does not use statistics or equations to estimate body composition – your scan will accurately measure:

Skeletal muscle mass

Basal metabolic rate

Total body fat in kilograms

Segmental muscle and fat

Total body fat percentage

Bone mineral content

Total body water mass

Visceral fat

InBody uses a unique method of electrode placement

The 8-point tactile method separates the current and voltage starting point, thus measurement always begins at a fixed point in the wrists and ankles. This is advantageous as the contact resistance from the skin has been removed. This creates the high precision of reproducing the results that InBody is renowned for.

8-Point System Technology

When measuring impedance through any type of electrode, contact resistance occurs and it is important to control the contact resistance, in order to correctly measure the resistance in the body.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)

This scanning equipment allows us to provide all of our clients with an extremely accurate, unquestionably repeatable, affordable, non-invasive, quick & easy Body Composition Analysis. 

DEXA is the laboratory reference standard against which other body composition techniques are evaluated. Because DEXA is primarily available at hospitals and imaging centres, where it is used to measure bone mineral density and diagnose osteopenia and osteoporosis, other body composition analysers have been developed that are more easily available and more affordable to the general public.

A drawback with DEXA is that it is a source of a small level of radiation. Even though the radiation dose from a DEXA scan is very small, it has been suggested that people should not do more than 4 DEXA scans per year. The InBody, using BIA, sends completely harmless electric currents through the body, is totally free of radiation.