Gym Managers or Personal Trainers

Body Scans Unlimited can help boost your gym’s bottom line by getting members excited and engaged. Our affordable mobile body scanning services allow us to come to you. Creating measurable goals which has the potential to increase gym leads, increase personal training session frequency, and re-motivate the entire member base. Adding a body scanning service with us also improves member retention as they will be more likely to stay engaged with their own training and nutrition strategies as a result of the increased accountability. 

Bootcamps and Transformation Challenges - By utilising our Body Scan within a challenge your clients will be receiving a fast, less intrusive, accurate and more affordable way of tracking their results.  We can scan approximately 25 people per hour and have a number of different options available.

Corporate and Business Organisations

Are you running a corporate challenge or concerned about workplace wellness? We can run a program or sessions for employees within your own office. Our services also include Fitness and Nutrition Plans along with a staff program to help all employees with self-improvement leading to an increase in productivity and positive relationships in the workplace. This will compliment any corporate challenge or staff improvement scheme, specifically assisting with health and safety in the workplace. An engaged workforce is a productive workforce! 

Studies show that when health is being managed well we are engaged in our everyday lives and the flow on effect is measured in our productivity. Engage your team with initiatives that help them look after their own health. We can help your organisation run health, fitness, and lifestyle challenges catered specifically to your team. You’ll also be investing in your team’s camaraderie and encourage them to take accountability for their transformation in a friendly competition with their colleagues.

We have various ways that our Body Scan can be utilised within your business to help boost profits and improve your staffs work output and overall attitude around the office or work environment.

A Complete Health Analysis

We provide comprehensive quality scanning and programmes which cover a range of areas for potential improvement. These changes can lead to increased energy, positivity and productivity.


Assessing current eating habits, identifying areas of improvement and offering guidance


We make sure to fit any exercise recommendations around your busy lifestyle

Stress Management

How you can find the right balance between work, life and your health

Positive Relationships

Whether it's between colleagues, family or friends, positivity is key

Mental Health

Ensuring that you have the right tools to keep your mind and body happy

Habit and Ritual Development

Creating and actioning healthy habits for life

Sleep and Relaxation

An important part of recovery is giving your body enough rest

SMART Goal Setting

Setting you up for success with achievable, meaningful goals

Who should get a scan?

Our aim is to provide individuals, gyms, corporate businesses, bootcamps/fitness challenges, and personal trainers an extra motivator and quality progress tracking element to their leaders, members, employees and clients. Providing specific details to enable and assist them in their journey to transform, function at a higher level and maintain or develop an active and productive healthy lifestyle.

Personal Improvement

We can cater for anyone, they do not have to be members of the gyms we are working from. Whether you are a manager or boss, weekend warrior, athlete, gym-goer, or active outdoor enthusiast, we can give you detailed information into your body’s composition. 

Body scans unlimited also provides its individuals, gyms, and corporates with fun, educational, and supportive challenge frameworks that incorporate exercise programmes and dietary guidelines. Contact us about any upcoming challenges in your area, any health and safety developments or improvements for staff members in any work environment. 

We are proudly partnered with a number of gyms who are now offering our extensive body composition analysis to their members. Whether you have just started training, are preparing for a competition or embarking on a 6-12 week challenge, a Body Scans Unlimited test is perfect for you. All sessions are open to members of the public and require a booking. Alternatively if you would like to see us at your own gym, or business please contact us directly.